Colour Matters – Delivery Policy


Colour Matters. How does it work with orders and deliveries?


50 colours, 8 weights, 25 embossing – that all give us 7,423 items.

If you consider that we also manufacture all colours in any duplex, triplex and other combinations on customer request, there are several hundred thousand other variants. It certainly becomes clear that no dealer in the world can keep a range like Colour Matters in stock.


Fortunately, we are not dealers, at least not dealers in the usual sense. Because we have a unique cooperation agreement with the factory and deliver directly ex works.


If you now think that this is only possible in huge quantities and takes forever? That’s what it really looks like:
–  from only 25 sheets per specification
–  in an average of one week from order date

What’s new is now:

In the standard version PLAIN you get the

  • weights 135, 270 and 350/sqm now from our new warehouse in Germany.
  • Also in 700 g/sqm the following 15 popular colors:                                                                                                                      Baghdad Brown – Cool Grey – Dark Grey – Ebony Black  -Forest -I mperial Blue – Mid Green – Natural – Pale Grey -Pristine White – Real Grey – Sapphire – Scarlet – Smoke – Vermillion


We’ve confused you? Sorry! Just call us (+49 89/89 82 77 98-0) or email us, then we’ll quickly check up with you what’s going and what time you have to plan.


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