Artoz Greenline Recycling Paper


Greenline Paper and Cardboard


Artoz Papier AG has been stocking FSC® certified products for several years now. Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is committed to sustainable forest management worldwide. Products with the FSC trademark do not originate from overexploitation, but promote socially and environmentally compatible forest management. FSC Mix (paper) identifies paper products whose fibres originate at least 70 percent from sustainable forestry.


In addition to the FSC® seal, Artoz Greenline papers also have the following eco-certificates:

Green Seal, Green-e, Carbon Neutral Plus, PCF, Recycled.


Sustainable use of resources, composition and production in harmony with nature. And the nice thing is that these papers in their natural colours are also beautiful to look at, have a high-quality, well-groomed haptic AND also have really good printing results.



Here you can find our Artoz Greenline – assortment.

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