“Off the Market”


In recent years, unfortunately, a great deal of paper has been taken from wholesale assortments. However, this does not always mean that these papers are no longer produced.

For those of you who have been using these “out of trade” papers for years and would like to continue to do so, we can help you in two ways:


Through our cooperation partners in the UK,Paper search service finds alternative paper types Italy, France, the Netherlands, etc. And we are still able to deliver overseas.
Previously commonly used varieties that we can still make available to you are, for example, papers such as 

  • Strathmore Writing,  Strathmore Grandee,  Strathmore Cambric.                 
  • Mohawk Options, Mohhawk Superfine,
    Mohawk Everyday.
  • Crane’s Crest, Crane’s Lettra.
  • Lorenzo, Moondream, Nomad, Takeo Pachica, Twist …                And many more.                                                                                     


  • There are alternatives which are very similar to many                                                                                                              beautiful paper series. Finding fine papers with the paper search service
    And we can also make them accessible to you in cooperation with retailers from other countries or through local niche suppliers with low profile.

To sum up:  Before you search unsuccessfully yourself, let’s find it through us successful!

Our Paper Search&Find- Service ® ensures consistency even in changeable times.


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