Pattern Lump Sum


“Please send us samples of … .
Of each of the 13 colors, we need 3 sheets of A4. Furthermore, we would like to have … “


Endless e-mails and calls of this kind unfortunately still reach us daily.
However, experience often shows that the larger the sample request, the less substance there is behind it.

Please understand that we can’t – and do not want to work – like this. *


We therefore take the liberty of charging a sample flat rate of at least EUR 25 (plus 19% VAT) for all varieties found on our websites.

 Sample requests with substance


For samples of varieties that we need to research and organize ourselves, we will be happy to discuss the terms and conditions with you on request. How our Paper -Search&Find-Service ® works is explained here.


If we have hopefully not deterred you now:

Click here for our contact form.

Or call us on +49 89/89 82 77 98-0.



* We also think that you shouldn’t either. Our question checklist provides you with a good argument aid for the conversations with your customers. Question 6 in particular, you should be aware of it.

And if you want to go one step further: On our seminar and consulting page you will find proven working solutions for years, on the subject of consulting expertise as a money-worthy service.








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