Les Naturals – Informations



Here you will find processing instructions and material information as PDF files.

(Sorry, at the moment only available in German)

And here you can see some application examples.


Les Naturals is available in the following colours:

Colour palette Les Naturals – As of 06/2019






With a click on the picture you will get a greater view of the oicture.










The following thicknesses and sizes are available:

Size approx. 70 x 115 cm

Les Naturals are manufactured with the following specifications:

– approx. 0.5 mm thick (approx. 325 g/qm)
– approx. 0.7 mm thick (approx. 455 g/qm)
– approx. 1.0 mm thick (approx. 650 g/qm)


Stored in untrimmed raw format approx. 70/115 cm SB.









Quantities from 500 kg can also be delivered in production format approx. 140/115 cm BB ex works France.


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