Colour Matters – Sample Folder





Our high-quality produced sample folder (cover in iris print, an

almost extinct book printing technique) gives an overview at a

glance of the 51 colours which we have assigned to Pantone

colours as far as possible.








25 embossings are shown as “waterfalls” and can therefore be

“felt”, as well as the possible standard weights from 100 to

700 gsm, supplemented by two duplex and one triplex

combination with 1,080 gsm.







The sample folder costs a nominal fee of 24.80 EUR, plus 19% VAT.

If you send us an order with a net goods value of at least EUR 250 within 6 weeks of ordering the folder, we will credit you the purchase price for the sample folder.

You can order the Colour Matters sample folder via our contact form.



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