Colour Matters Application Examples


51 colours, 8 weights and 25 different embossings allow pure creativity. In particular, the ability to work with multi-layered construction to the weight range of 2,100 g/sqm (over 2 mm thick) and generally also work multi-coloured (duplex, triplex, multiplex …) takes you up to other dimensions.


Here are some examples:


  Easter Cart Koenig Concept 2011  


Our Easter Card 2011

Colour Matters Duplex 270 + 270 g/sqm with Letterpress finishing 








Robinizer business cards
Colour Matters duplex 270 + 540 g/sqm, in 3 + 8 color combinations,

with hot foil and blind embossing.
One of the most awesome business card orders we’ve had in the last few years (and we’ve had some great …). Enabling Digital Transformation!




Filigran _ punches _ healthy _ create




Gesund schaffen – Create healthy ‘ business cards

Colour Matters Duplex 350 + 350g/sqm with filigash    








“Kopf Produkt – Head Product” business cards
Colour Matters Duplex 350 + 350 g/qm
with laser cut finishing







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