Artoz Samsa – cardboard and paper small formats


Artoz Samsa


Stationery (135 g/sqm) and cardboard (270 g/sqm) in 13 colours.

Equipment paper in white, black and 11 strong colors, velvety-matte smooth surface.


Artoz Samsa also offers seven envelope formats, the matching greeting cards and business cards.

More on this here under Artoz Samsa – envelopes and cards.

And if you are a printer and need large arcs: You can find them here.


Artoz Samsa 135 g-sqm PAPIER



Stationery DIN A4 135 g/sqm, 210 x 297 mm

Order-No. 637 796 – ...*

€40.20/100 sheet (= €47.84/100 sheet incl. 19% VAT)



Cardboard A4 270 g/sqm, 210 x 297 mm

Order-No. 637 696 – ...*

€90.10/100 sheet (= £107.22/100 sheet incl. 19% VAT)




* + the three-digit color number – to the color overview with mapping to the Pantone color scale

Please order via the contact form or call +49 89/89 82 77 98-0


Note on prices: Below a net value of EUR 100, we will charge a minimum volume surcharge of EUR 18.00 (= EUR 21.42 including. 19% VAT).
Delivery is free of charge. Discounts are possible from EUR 200 net value.


Click here for the overall price list Artoz Samsa as a PDF with all available products and here you can find out more about the entire portfolio of Artoz Samsa.


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