Colour Matters (en)


Colour Matters – the most extensive paper series in the world of König Konzept

Individual envelopes in each special format from just 200 pieces  – Multicolored duplex and triplex carton from just 25 sheets.


Colour Matters, that means:

-50 colors

– 8 weights from 100 g/sqm to  700 g/sqm

-25 embossing (from 135 g/sqm)


The special highlight, however, is the unique possibility of obtaining multi-layer (up to six layers!) and multicolored variants at Colour Matters, in thickness up to more than 2 mm: Duplex, triplex, multiplex





Many of the colors correspond to pantonic colors or come very close to them. Take a look around the paper market: This is anything but self-evident. Our sample fan conveniently delivers pantone mapping for each color.

… And should Colour Matters not add the desired colour:

Our paper-search&find- service ® makes every alternative worldwide available to you.






And then the unique envelope service from Colour Matters: Envelopes are available from just 200 pieces, even in any special format of 50 x 80 mm to 400 x 530 mm. With a delivery time of only about 10 days.

More about this here.


So you can see: A huge assortment, with thousands of combination options.
No normal retailer is able to keep such a huge assortment completely in stock. But we have a one – time cooperation agreement with the factory and mostly deliver directly from the factory.


Colour Matters in the format 32/46 cm with digital printing?  More on request.


Colour Matters in practice: Examples of applications can be found here


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