What exactly is “Finest paper”?

Fine papers – what exactly does this mean?


There is no exact and binding definition for this. We do not only understand by it all papers, which are particularly “fine” (and in general fear particularly expensive – which is not always the case): But those that have their own character. Those that express something, and not only serve to print texts and images on them for the pure transmission of information.


We  even go on  and courageously mean all materials, papers with character that can be used in the broader sense in ambitious print media production.
Just so that you are not surprised when you come across wood, fabric, metal or whatever at one point or another.
As for example on Jungle Spirit, a velour material with fur embossing, in classic and exotic colours, as cover material and as cover cardboard, laminated by us on various substrates.


Important for you as a visitor of our homepage: We from König Konzept, who stand behind feinstpapier.de, do not see ourselves as paper dealers. What you can find on our pages is not an “assortment”.


Our concern is to guide you through the great world of paper – or much more: into the world of real-life paper.
analog communication, which in an increasingly digital world is gaining rather than losing importance.


If we present you  certain papers, then these are those that we consider to be “without alternative”, because they can usually not really be replaced by other products. Of course you can purchase all papers through us.

For example Colour Matters, the most comprehensive paper series in the world: 50 colours, 25 embossings, weights from 100 to 700 gsm, two-colour duplex board from 25 sheets, envelopes in almost any format from just 200 pieces …

Or papers that until recently were available from stock in Germany – but no longer. For example, Strathmore Writing Wove, a reservedly noble paper, ideal for business stationery and invitations: Still available by us.

Yes, we can make many things accessible to you that are only available in other countries. Like Les Naturals, the unusual recycled cardboard with the anarchistic charm from France, awarded with the Blue Angel. There are many more colours than you may have known before.


Above all, however, our Paper-Search&Find- Service® always provides an option: an objective service that helps you keep track. And of course we will also find envelopes and other items for you.

And if you don’t know it yet: As a production agency, we are the address when it comes to taking responsibility for excellent realisations for you and your customers.


Feine und feinste Materialien