Black Cardboard in Short Grain …?


We have never really understood why cardboard in the standard format 70/100 cm is only ever produced in Long Grain. Because making an envelope for an A4 brochure is not really one of the rarest cases in the business of the printer or bookbinder – the desire for the right running direction with optimum sheet utilization is certainly not a luxury.


That’s why we make suitable solutions accessible and are happy to offer you these four possibilities on the topic of “black and short grain“:


1. Cardboard 270 g/sqm, 100/65 cm BB

2. Cardboard 280 g/sqm, 100/70 cm BB

2. Cardboard 320 g/sqm, 102/76 cm BB *

4. Cardboard 380 g/sqm, 100/70 cm BB


Interested? Then please email us and describe to us what you are up to do.


Before you do this, a little more important information: We charge a sample lump sum for sample shipments. 


* In addition to black, this cardboard is also available in white and 5 other colours as well as in 120 gsm paper thickness.  Of course also in short grain: GrafiKart7.  

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