Design-RC®- Informations


Here you will find the most important information about  the plan sheets  the Design-RC® series and soon a PDF with general information about the Design-RC products.


The following thicknesses and sizes are available: 


On request we can also supply the paper plan in the sheet format 70 x 100 cm SB.

                                            70 x 100 cm SB


We offer the following options:



             Version grey/brown and double brown


In the grey/brown version:

100 g /sqm, 140 g /sqm

Delivery in full ream quantities – 125 sheets


In the brown/brown version:

350 g/qm

Delivery from 10 sheets.


(Attention: There are separate shipping costs for this!)


In addition, our paper Design-RC® is also available in the DIN formats DIN A3 and DIN A4.


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