Strathmore Writing Wove (en)


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Foto: Andrys Stienstra auf Pixabay

Strathmore Writing Wove – Luxury down to the last fiber!


Strathmore Writing is a smooth, uncoated fine paper with matte surface.

Ideal for business equipment, invitation cards, business cards and much more. There are suitable letter sleeves.

You can still obtain this highly fine material from us, the minimum amount of intake is only 25 sheets.




Facts and figures:

* 90 g/sqm with 25% cotton content and with matched


* 118, 236 and 298 g/sqm 100% ECF fibre and no watermarks



* Suitable self-adhesive and wet-adhesive envelopes in the formats DIN C6 and DIN-long from 500 pieces as well as from 200 pieces also in any special format


* Delivery time: approx. 8 working days for the envelopes, approx. 5 working days for the format paper


* Colours available in all grammars:
– Bright White – Natural White (no 90 g/sqm) – Soft White (no 90 g/sqm) – Ultimate White


g/sqm 90 118 236 298
 Cm 45 x 64 63.5 x 96.5  66 x 101.6  66 x 101.6

* Soft Blue is no longer produced! But of course we have an alternative … researched by our Paper-Search&Find- Service ®

If you are interested, please contact us


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