Colorplan Colour Matters

Colorplan, Colorflute, Colorscope, Colour Matters – these are just different names for the same product made in the UK.


We prefer the name Colour Matters because we think it describes the paper best.

Whether it’s Colorplan or Colour Matters, it’s all about:

– 51 colours,
– 8 different weights from 100 g/sqm to 700 g/sqm,

– 25 embossings (from 135 g/sqm),

– letterboxes in each special format from just 200 pieces,- 

   multi-coloured cardboard in up to six layers and colors

   (duplex  cardboard, triplex carton) from just 25 sheets.

Implementation examples can be found here:

duplex visitation cards with blind prep 

duplex visitation cards in laser cut technology

duplex visitation cards with filigree punching

– presentation folders made of duplex carton 270 + 270 g/sqm with hot foil embossing


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