Waterproof paper


Minero SE-environmentally friendly and haptically sensually cool! And best of all, it’s waterproof.


Minero SE is a non-plant-based paper-like material with a matte surface, much more robust and tough than conventional paper, but still writeable like this.

The good printability also makes Minero an unusual, versatile product which is suitable for both the printing industry and the event industry.

Due to its increased density compared to cellulose papers, the material appears thinner and heavier. The thinnest available grammage – 144 g/qm – looks like 80 g/qm paper, for example!

The minimum order quantity for this unusual material is only 250 sheets, at 490 g/m² even 125 sheets.


Facts and figures:Lithopapier flammable

* The material is waterproof!

* No waste is generated during production (this manufacturing process complies with the cradle-to-cradle principle) and no bleach or acids are used.

* Printing images appear high-contrast because Minero SE is cell-free and fiber-free.

* The white hue is available in the Grammatures:

144 g/m ² 192 g/m ² 240 g/m ² 420 g/m ² 490 g/m ²

Sheet and roll formats on request




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