Colour Matters – Duplex, Triplex …(en)


Colour Matters-Duplex, Triplex, Multiplex …


Multi-coloured papers are the eye-catcher at all. And the thicker and stronger in weight, the better they demonstrate that paper and cardboard are everything – just not two-dimensional!

Amazingly, duplex cartons are still virtually unrepresented in the ranges of German dealers and manufacturers.




Good thing, then, that Colour Matters is closing that gap:

All colors are possible as a duplex carton (also front and back two different colors).
That works from 350 g/sqm (175 + 175 g/sqm).

But there is much more in it: Triplex cardboard, i.e. three-layered cardboard, perfectly emphasizes the cut edges of business cards.



Perhaps you now think that this is all terribly eypensive and tied to large purchase quantities?  Far from it:

From just 25 sheets, we conjure up to six-layered compositions with a delivery time of only about seven to ten working days.
Even both sides can have different embossing.
Six layers of 350 g/sqm result over 2 mm of thickness – and can also be six-coloured!


Let your own imagination and creativity flow:


ColorDuplex _ Business Cards _ Filigran _ punches _ versus _ lasern _ grossed duplex carton gives design space for charming multi-layer business cards, presentation folders and more. Optimally combined with laser cut, embossing in a wide variety of ways and many other finishing techniques, which we all implement for you.


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