Fine and ultra fine Papers, special Papers, Image Papers and even much more than Paper…



So many options!


You certainly cannot say that the market is poor in papers and other materials that can be used in media production. Nonetheless it is often difficult to find the right solution for a project. To be precise: it is exactly the abundance of possibilities that makes selecting the optimum paper difficult.


Wholesale companies – which, by the way, we do not see at all as our competitors, but as our valuable cooperation partners – supply you quickly and mostly with a good service with many beautiful and good papers. However, they do this within the framework of their own product ranges.


With us it’s different: we can provide you with more or less any paper globally produced. Independent from the need to have to sell you something specific. Our excellent relationships with factories and traders all over the world enable us to offer you everything your projects requires: from a single source and at the best conditions.


On our website we present exemplary papers, which have proven themselves in various areas and often close gaps: Get inspired by them! However, please do not understand the materials  on our website as “our assortment”: as explained above we are able to provide you much more as you think and might believe is possible!



The pivotal element of our activitities is our Paper Search Service®: it helps you to keep track of options in the world of paper. And it accomplishes much more than it’s mere name says.


However, unusual materials are often liable to cause unusual problems. So please entrust us with the realization of your entire projects as well: Over many years we have built up an excellent reputation as a production agency.



And here you can find out why we call ourselves an agency for communication and production.





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