FAQ Paper -Search&Find- Service® (en)



You should know the following:

Our Paper -Search&Find- Service® is a fee-based service. 




We see ourselves explicitly not as a dealer, but as a service provider and charge our services on the basis of an hourly rate of 80 € plus 19% VAT. However, we try to keep our effort and the costs incurred by you as low as possible in the common interest:


Of course you do NOT pay anything, if we are in the preliminary
that your request does not make sense to you or to us.


After that, a UNIFIED HONORARY will apply, which should be of     course lower than your own income from our activity results.

In no case must you be afraid that you will incur costs before you have agreed on it. We are happy to receive any enquiries you may have and will then speak together about which procedure makes sense.




How does this work and in which cases? A selection:

  1. You are looking for a name of a type of paper you have never heard of before?  We probably have!
  2. You have special material requirements and are now looking for suitable papers:  We will make you relevant suggestions.                                                                  
  3. You already have a material that exceeds your budget: We suggest suitable alternatives. 
  4. You are looking for a paper that has a certain haptic or colour or is flame-retardant: This is our daily bread!                                                           

And here’s how it certainly doesn’t work:

  1. You ask us and continue your search yourself:  According to our understanding this makes about as much sense as if you go to your tax advisor and then do the  tax declaration yourself.    
  2. You have a client who is not actually a client at all because he asks you and a few others for information, but in the end will very probably not be able to satisfy either you or one of your  competitors with an order. In the interest of   both parties, you and we should refrain from engaging in occupational therapy. 

By the way, if you have this problem more often and want to solve it seriously: We can help you with words and deeds.

IMPORTANT: We will ask you some questions, which you please answer yourself in advance.
And here you will find the Terms&Conditions_Paper -Search&Find- Service®, which supplements our general terms and conditions.
All clear? Then we are now looking forward to YOUR SEARCH REQUEST.



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