Les Naturals – Application Examples


 This material is surprisingly versatile.

Noble drink in a noble packaging.



It is ideally suited for the production of gift packaging, special productions in the communication sector, mailing campaigns for natural products or communication on the subject of the environment.







With a thickness of 1 mm, it is particularly suitable for the production of folders and bags with fasteners, handles or clamping mechanisms for large documents.







This type of cardboard is creasable and compressible. This makes it suitable for embossing and screen printing.





Screen printing and blind embossing


The Les Naturals® board can be cellophaned/foil laminated.


The dyed-through material is also suitable as core board for covers and laminations, the further production of which can result in “open” edges through punching or cutting.


More information about colours, sizes, patterns and accessories can be found here.







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