Colour Matters – Colour Overview



Here you will find the current colour overview of the Colour Matters series. ( as of 09/2019)

As a service, we have included the Pantone colour assignments on the individual colour areas.

Please note, however, that due to the different screen representations, all colours cannot really be displayed in real terms.

By the way – do you already know the colour “Marrs Green”?



Please note when assigning colors to the Pantone colors:

* means very close to the Pantone color, ** means close to the Pantone color.

Here you can find the colourmatters- colour overview as a PDF.


There is a colour for everyone in this selection – and if not, there is still Artoz 1001 or our paper -search&find- service.

We are also happy to help you choosing YOUR colour: Contact us



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