Paper-Search&Find-Service® – Checklist


Paper Search & Find Service® – CHECKLIST OF QUESTIONS

Are you looking for a specific paper?
Then you are here exactly at the right place with our Paper-Search&Find- Service®.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a special colour shade, a source of supply needs to be researched, or you’re looking for papers and other materials that must have certain properties: :  We will help you!
What exactly our Paper-Search&Find- Service® is, how we work and that we offer a paid service –
you are certainly informed about this?

If not, you will find more information here: FAQ Paper-Search&Find- Service®.
We will ask you a few questions, which you should clarify for yourself in advance:
1.  What quantity is it about? 
2.  When is the paper needed?
3. Is a budget defined? 
     What may the material cost?
4. What must the paper “be able to do”? 
     For what purpose does it serve?
5. Can you describe your request in this way that you and we know when and through what it is fulfilled?
6. Is your customer really a customer? 
     So someone who will actually place an order with you,  if you and we fulfill his wishes?
7. Which sources have you already opened yourself?
     Why don’t they satisfy you?
Ready …? Then we look forward to YOUR REQUEST.


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