Les Naturals (en) – Colored recycling cardboard


Les Naturals – the somehow anarchic recycling – cardboard from France.   


Easter Card Les Naturals
Our Easter card project – the material is wonderfully suitable for depicting the meadow where our Easter lamb jumps around.



Les Naturals is a colored recycled cardboard with a very original character: the waste paper used in the production process is neither bleached nor decoloured. The organic paints used are free of heavy metals. An extract of pine resin is used as a binding agent.







Les Naturals albâtre - Book "The Stone Coblins" by Helen Impecoven-Spang
Les Naturals albâtre-Book The Stone Coblins by Helen Impecoven-Spang


Les Naturals present themselves as a true natural product and with corresponding characteristics. Production-related variations of coloring and structure, material inclusions and surface impurities underline the origin of this wonderfully natural ecological cardboard.







This product range has been awarded the German eco-label “Blue Angel” on the basis of the characteristics described above.

The combination of various recycled fibres from which Les Naturals is made gives this material a soft haptic and a natural look.

Therefore, Les Naturals does not behave like a picture paper and the design should follow the material character.
Taking this into account, however, Les Naturals unfolds all its raw charm and pleasure.



Les Naturals are available in 18 wonderful colColour compartments les Naturalsours.

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