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Paper-Search&Find-Service ® = material consulting and material research  

Alfred König’s long-established concept: Adapted to the needs of an increasingly confusing world.


King Concept Paper Search Service



In the early 1988s, our paper-search-&-find- service ® was launched. But in the former times, the paper world was different than it is now.

From a very manageable production range, the few pearls had to be picked out, sometimes the smallest evil:

We were seekers in the desert.



Paper search service king concept  


Nowadays, a huge selection of varieties from all over the world is available. But paper qualities come and go – this can cause considerable problems for the user.

At first glance similar qualities often have very different characteristics.

And the needs have changed anyway:

Now we are leaders through the jungle.

The optimal material is different for everyone: Of course, it has to meet technical requirements and respect an existing budget. Above all, however, it must communicate the right message. The consideration of an effective and specific haptic message is particularly important to us.


You are looking for a very specific paper



An important tip for you:

We will certainly can help you the most if you contact us not LAST but  FIRST.

• Whether you are the end user,

• the creative who realizes his ideas with and on paper,

• or the processor:

We think along with the needs of all parties involved,
ask important questions you don’t even think about,
make suggestions and sample and price them.


Material advice and material research



You can find out how this works here:

FAQThis is how our paper-search&find-service works. 



We emphasise that we see ourselves as objective consultants and are therefore completely independent of the interests of the paper manufacturers and dealers who produce and distribute the materials we research. Should conflicts of interest arise in individual cases, for example because we are bound by contract or are acting on behalf of one of your competitors in the same matter, we will point this out to you or refuse to accept an order.


We work for your interests, for whose pursuit you place your order with us.
Our work is charged at an hourly rate of 80,- EUR.

We guarantee that we will save you a lot of time and unpleasant experiences.


With the same self-image, we support you and your processors cooperatively in the implementation of your ideas. If you wish, we can also work directly for you and take responsibility for your production enquiries:

Click here for our  production service


More details on request. Contact us.

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