Recycled paper – ecological and beautiful 


Recycled paper – not only good for the environment – but also a message you send out when you use these now really high-quality papers and cardboards.


Picture by Gino Crescoli on Pixabay


…”The production of paper is a major burden on the environment. It requires a lot of wood, energy and water and can lead to the discharge of hazardous chemicals into the aquatic environment. The use of recovered paper and best available techniques in the production of new paper can greatly reduce these environmental impacts”….


What has long been a topic at the Federal Environment Agency is now reaching the paper industry and the term “recycled paper” (thank God) is now a certificate that also appeals to users who want to utilize “beautiful and precious papers”.


We would also like to contribute to protecting the environment and therefore offer you the following papers on our pages – and will continue to expand our range in the recycling sector continuously. 


We can recommend these papers without reservation:


Les Naturals – Recycling Cardboard

Design-RC® –Recycling paper, cardboard and envelopes

Artoz Greenline – Recycling paper, cardboard and envelopes

Rimpasto Paper – Upcyclingpaper, – and envelopes


On the pages of the Federal Environment Agency you will find many more detailed and interesting informations on this topic.

Incidentally, the 16 leading European printing and equipment manufacturers have committed themselves to recommending the use of recycled paper in their products. We personally think this is quite good!



So that the world will still look like this tomorrow…                                    Picture by RÜŞTÜ BOZKUŞ on Pixabay



If you would like to know a little more about eco-labels, you will find more information here.

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