WOODSIDE Garden Pine (en)

WOODSIDE Garden Pine Surface


WOODSIDE – the deceptively natural wood laminate cardboard


Where your idea demands wood, but real wood can’t be used-because the workmanship would be too expensive, or because it’s just too expensive – WOODSIDE comes into play.


WOODSIDE consists of a paper carrier layer and a wood decor laminate, the surface of which also impresses on closer inspection.

The interplay of matte and shiny surfaces creates a deceptively real wooden character. The wood grain runs parallel to the running direction. Due to the misplaced rapport, almost every bow looks like a unique piece.




WOODSIDE is printable in silkscreen, blind and hot foil embossible.Paperazzo_04-12

Warning: The back is not white, but power-brown.

Due to its stiffness, WOODSIDE in 398 g/qm cardboard is ideal for displays and packaging, for business cards and brochure covers.

The cardboard is available in a size of 720 x 1020 mm long grain.


We also conceal for you on your desired material.
Envelopes on request.


The issue 04/2012 of the magazine Paperazzo – With a passion for paper was made with a cover from Woodside Garden Pine.




And very actual: Our Easter card 2019, also made of and with WOODSIDE.
Here you can find more photos of the card.


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