Artoz Perga Pastel

ARTOZ Perga Pastel:

Paper and cardboard in two shades of white.

Transparent paper with even transparency.


Available as paper in a thickness of 100 g/sqm and as a cardboard in 200 g/sqm.

Due to the small packing units, Artoz Perga Pastel is ideal for small quantities.


Artoz Perga Pastel Paper 100 g-sqm 65-46 cm BB


Artoz Perga pastel, paper 100 g/sqm,
650 x 460 mm BB with ream to just 50 sheets.

Order-No. 688 3306 – ... *





Artoz Perga pastel carton 200 g sqm 70-50 cm BB



Artoz Perga pastel, cardboard 200 g/sqm,
500 x 700 mm BB with ream to just 25 sheets.

Order-No. 688 0213 – ... *

* + the three-digit color number – white 211, velvet 212


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(Unfortunately only in German so far.)


In quantities of only 100 sheets or more,  also available in DIN A4 21 x 29.7 cm.

In addition, envelopes in 7 formats from DIN C7 to DIN C4 from only 100 pieces, plus the matching finished grooved cards.


Please order via the contact form or call +49 89/89 82 77 98-0


Note on prices: Below a net value of EUR 100, we will charge a minimum volume surcharge of EUR 18.00 (= EUR 21.42 including. 19% VAT). Delivery is free of charge. Discounts are possible from EUR 200 net value.

Here you can find out about the entire portfolio of Artoz Perga Pastel.

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