Artoz Zand: Haptik meets colour

Haptics meets color!

Artoz Zand offers a haptic like sand that trickles through your fingers and highly pigmented, rich colours like red, purple and indigo, plus a bright white and an elegant grey. An impressive material with a strong appearance!


Zand is available as paper in weight 135 g/qm and as cardboard in 270 g/qm, each in DIN A4 21.0/29.7 cm,

supplemented by a fine assortment of cards in various designs.


These are the available envelopes:

DIN C6  self-adhesive
DIN B6  with pointed flap, wet adhesive

DIN long  pressure-sensitive adhesive
DIN C5  pressure-sensitive adhesive

and square 160/160 mm pressure-sensitive adhesive


Here you will find Artoz Zand’s available colours – with mapping to the Pantone colour scale.

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