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The color database of König Konzept


The world of paper is wide and confusing and is subject to rapid fluctuations and fashions. As soon as a paper series is on the market, it is discontinued again. It is not easy to keep track here.

For many years we have been gathering information on paper colours from all over the world. This complements 


 This complements and enriches our Paper-Search&Find- Service ®, which has been around since the late 1980s.

What have we not already searched and found ….



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But the type of search query that is most often addressed to us concerns the subject of color.

It’s a good thing that our colour database usually provides us with information quickly and that we can also serve exotic wishes.

Tell us your colour preferences, tell us what you have in mind and we will make you suggestions: CONTACT


By the way: The two paper series with the world’s largest colour selection can be found on our homepage:

Colour Matters-not only 51 colors, also 25 surfaces and weights from 100 to 2,100 g/sqm

Artoz 1001-not only 58 colours, but also 18 envelope variations


On the top of envelopes: We also have an envelope database developed over the years and can can supply you with everything the market has to offer in this field. If it does not offer anything suitable, we are at your disposal with our production service, which offers solutions even for the smallest print runs.


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