Jungle Spirit (en)


Jungle Spirit. Velour in a wild way!

 Jungle Spirit ' Panther '-pamphlet Rinaldo Codello

Jungle Spirit simply gives pleasure with its sensuous
coat-embossing and the shining colors in the spectrum of the jungle.

Jungle Spirit is a very high quality, light resistant,
thermosensitive textile flock material.

Thermosensitive means: when hot stamping without foil in the
the optimum temperature range between 140 and 180 degrees darkens the fibres and thus shows a branding effect full of character.


Facts and figures:Jungle Spirit-Joy of the colours of the jungle

* Area weight approx. 255 g/sqm

* 9 colours by default from stock, another 12 colours from factory

* Special colours from 2,000 sqm on request

* Jungle Spirit is delivered on rolls of 100 m in width of 104 cm

 Jungle Spirit Easter Card

The laminating on each cardboard of your choice as well as the format trimming you also receive from one source by us.

To help you get the most out of the jungle, we are happy to provide you with our processing know-how.
In order to help your ideas to the optimal validity, we advise you gladly in detail.

Jungle Spirit: A really great material with character. For
everything and everyone it will not be suitable precisely because just of that.
It’s a good thing that the focus of our work is to advise you independently. Our Paper -Search&Find- Service® will make any
alternatives available.


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