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How does a Paper -Search&Find- Service ® actually work – which is actually a paper- finding- service?


What are you looking for – what can we find for you?

In the many years that we have been operating our Paper -Search&Find- Service ®,

there havePaper workshop Alfred King manual catalogue recycled papers 1993 always been trends in what you were looking for particularly often and for

what we found solutions.

At the beginning of the 1990s, “special” recycled papers were much in demand – which

led us to develop the “Catalogue Handbook on Recycled Papers” in 1993, in which we

compiled the highlights and delicacies, including, for example, Les Naturals, the French

recycled cardboard with the Blue Angel. It has since developed into a true classic and is still in great demand.


However, other grades that we presented in our “Catalogue – Handbook on Recycled Paper, which has been out of print for years and is now only available antiquarian, have long ceased to exist.

For example, varieties that are off the market and for which you are looking for adequate replacements have always been among the permanent burners in your searches.


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The increasingly desolate state in which the graphic paper industry finds itself currently leaves us with a rich field

of activity.

Sometimes, however, the coveted grades are still produced, but there is no longer a distribution channel for the

German market. 

Strathmore Writing is such a case – but easily available from us via our British cooperation partners. Of course, we

can also organize many other product lines for you.

Even more often you are looking for papers and envelopes that must have a certain colour shade: Our colour

database conjures up treasures where you have to dig long and experience unsuccessfully.


And the things that are trivial at first glance show what a professional search service provider can do. Quite often, for example, we are reached the question We are looking for a (black) carton, which is available in short grain-we can point out four quickly available alternatives.

And the trend towards highly weighty papers – to which we have certainly contributed our own – has led us to actively market one or two materials.

Fractal Card full-area perforations 

Last but not least, we are also the contact for wholesalers and paper mills who actively ask us what the market demands and what drives us to drive our own developments forward. FRACTAL CARD® would be an example of this. Well, strictly speaking it is a process engineering and not paper, but the transitions are fluid.





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